Image: ICEvision Rendering
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Why should I use ICEvision?

If you've ever had to explain 3D things to 2D brains - this is the tool for you.

It doesn't require any additional software. Your audience needs only a computer. You simply use the tools you have: Revit, SketchUp Pro, AutoCAD Architecture, 3DS Max, 20/20...(for a full list see Features & Benefits) and click a button to create, publish and share your model in an interactive, high quality, smooth, fast, easily navigated experience.

Use it for presentations or as a day-to-day resource to keep stakeholders informed of your progress. It is a portable, secure, informative and astonishingly simple and affordable strategic tool.

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Architects, engineers, rendering artists, building owners, designers, etc. can all see huge benefits whether as a tool for better Integrated Project Delivery among stakeholders and peers or as a powerful presentation tool for clients unfamiliar with drawings and their symbols. The superior navigation, image quality and portability improve upon the 3D abilities of your own current software investment, giving you an excellent advantage in your industry.

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