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Features & Benefits

Why on earth do you need ICEvision?

Because you are one of those people who controls your own destiny. You aren't waiting for things to turn around – you are turning them around: In your favor.

ICEvision is a ridiculously inexpensive package extraordinarily easy to implement – but what it gives you belies its price and ease. Navigation and quality images like that of a videogame. Secure sharing of your models with all stakeholders whether they have your software and/or vocabulary or not. Fully immersive, emotional model exploration, anyone can understand. It even gives you a chance to add helpful notes to further flesh out your ideas.

Lucky you got here early.


ICEvision is a platform-neutral plug-in for the following 3D software platforms:

Google SketchUp Pro
AutoCAD® Architecture
3DS Max
20/20 Giza Studio

ICE software also allows the merging of different platforms. If you do not see your software platform in this list, please contact:


Once you subscribe to ICEvision you will have a button in your 3D software tool bar that reads "ICEvision." Click "Capture" in the dropdown menu. Now you can create your own movie of your model or create an interactive videogame of your model.


Choose the best route to highlight your design with navigation up to 200 times faster and smoother than your current 3D software. Fly up overhead, ride an elevator, look out a window, take an eye-level scout around, get right in the corners - you determine the trip. Along the way you can use the Annotation Tool to point out salient points for the audience. Help them understand your vision and why it is important to them.

If you want them to tour around themselves, they use their mouse (conventional or 3D) to tour the entire design.

If you want to strictly be their tour guide, you can export your tours to video or even publish to YouTube!


ICEvision gives you portability with the option of security. If you don't mind the world seeing your model, you can choose the Quick Share option. You will still send it to your select group, but they can also pass it along to others who would like to see your work.

However, if you need to protect your intellectual property or your client's, you can use the Secure Share option. In this case, your recipients must register to look at your model and even if they pass your original email link along, no one outside your list of approved audience can gain access to it.

In each case: You send your recipient an email with a link to ICEvision's website. There they open the Viewer. In a few seconds they can tour your model, but they cannot alter it in any way. ICEvision allows you to securely share your models in a more interactive, emotional way with stakeholders who do not have your 3D software.

(But if you want to take a moment to show off your brilliance - we're always happy to make our Public Gallery a place to display the best ICEvisions being made by ICEvisionaries.)

Additionally, you can also publish videos of your models either as files or straight to YouTube! (Great way to share your models with viewers who have low-end hardware.)


Add up your couriers. Add up the paper. Add up the energy used by your printer. Add up the gallons of ink. Add up the miles getting to and from meetings.

Now add up the recycling (at best), the power for the shredder, the trucks for the pick-up, the materials and energy used to turn your drawings into new paper.

With ICEvision you not only share your project in a more emotional and understandable way, you do it without paper and transportation pollution and energy. You might be a leader in that "Paper-less" society people always natter on about.

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